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Creative outlet for my ever expanding passions

Watercolor Portraits
Most creative people need more then one creative outlet. I am no different. I am always growing, always looking for that new fun "toy" to incorporate with my photography. During Covid 19 season (the year that must not be mentioned) I placed families within a Santa Christmas Frame. My newest outlet is water colors. I can customize your photos and add a special phrase below. These make great phone screen savers, cover images, profile pictures and more.  
Step One: Have a picture This is the easy step. Have a picture of decent size. I can work with just about anything. Please note, if the picture was taken by another photographer please get permission to use it. You can send me a screen shot of permission. If you saw a style of "painting" you preferred please refrence it.  

Step Two: Choose options Choose a background color (if you have a preference), then choose a phrase (if you have a prefrence) Please remeber, only buy a quanity of 1 at a time so each picture will have a differnt phrase. When uploading multiple pictures you can send the picture to my email at Hello(at)

Step Three: Payment During the check out phase you can opt to pay paypal right away, or choose Venmo. Please note if you choose venmo it is up to you to send me the money as soon as you can. You can use the images from the link in your confirmation email as a QR code. Please refrence the name on the information you sent me or some way to ID yours. Your order will be emailed to you within 2 business days of payment
Background options
Phrases you can add
WaterColor pictures
Your images turned into watercolor digital art.
10.00 $
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