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Lauren Rathbone: Family Photography and Portaits

You have a ton of pictures on your phone, but none on your wall
I get being a parent because I am one. Your young children will not stay still, so the first 1000 pictures on your phone are blurred images, back of the heads, or a crying toddler (but the 200 pictures you have of your angel sleeping are worth it!) Anything past the toddler years are few and far between.
If this sounds like you, and you need reminders on your wall of how sweet and perfect your child can be, then you need to call in for backup and make big bribes. When you contact me I will get to learn about your child through you and adjust our session to keep them occupied, keep them focusing (as much as a kid can focus) and maybe surprise him with a picture of his own doing something he loves ; Does he like Marvel? How about a picture of him and a lighting storm? Does she like butterflies? How about a small video of butterflies floating around her? If you need pictures, reminders, and moments I am here for you. Let me help you capture the moments you need.
Family, Kids, Newborns
Every moment in life should be remembered, and I am here every step of the way

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