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My main focus is on Weddings and Families but my passion never stops there
Contrary to the old adage, a picture isn’t worth a thousand words; it’s easily much more valuable. Your photographs should document your special day – whether it was your wedding, a sunny day in the park with your family, or a sweet sibling interaction between your beaming preschooler and his precious
newborn sister – well beyond its unique backdrop and smiling faces. They should also capture the many intricately woven details that built the occasion: the orange glow of the sun on the leaves overhead, the small hand gently outstretched toward another, your beloved grandmother’s aqua clip-on earrings (your “something blue”)… My camera is your portal to the past, a device that – with my signature touch and artistic eye – sees and immortalizes the warmth, love, and significance of each session I’m privileged to attend.
Not all families are the same, and they do not all respond the same to a stranger trying to take pictures. Each session I get a detailed list of things I can do to make the session go better. If I have to get up to date with "dragon ball z" or "My little pony" I will. Just as each person has different prefrences they also have different personalities. I aim to get small things in each picture to show each personality.
Fine Art
What makes Fine Art stand out
Fine art is taking a good image and making it perfect. The time and dedication to each image is noticable in prints and stands out next to other photos. Each image has small distractions taken away so the focus is only on the subject. There is detailed color correction, advance clothing malfunction fixed, hair fixes, object removals,  and overall "painterly" to each image.
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Durham, NC
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