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Lauren Rathbone Photography: Family, Wedding and Portraits

2020 Investments
Lauren Rathbone Photography - Summer Love
Professional service from the start

My clients get more then just photos when they purchase packages through me. My goal is to capture moments in time that reflect you and I work around you to make this session(s) all about you. I offer styling guides and I walkthrough "what to expect" for the pre-session all the way to the post-session.
Lauren Rathbone Photography - Engagement pictures
Sessions made for you

Each detail is centered around you, and your family. From the location to the prompts/directions for each session. I am not here to expand my portfilo, I am here to capture your memories.
Lauren Rathbone Child Photographer
Prints and Print Releases

My goal is to hang photos on your wall. Anyone can take a picture and leave it on your phone or social media, but I create high quailty images and print them on professional paper, canvas or metal backgrounds so you can see them on a daily basis. Unlike your phone, or social media, they will not become a distant memory you see once a year in your "time hop" because you will have them physically in front of you to remind you of that day, or when your kids where that young. I mean this so much I even give limited print releases with my images. If you do not purchase a print from me, I offer you the chance to purchase a print up-to 8x10 from any printing house. I want to see more pictures in homes, at the office, and something that will always be there when the power is out or the internet is down.
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