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About me
It is not about me, it is all about you

I am the type of person that stays out of the lime light, This does make it hard when there is a whole page dedicated to me. I just never felt the need or desire to be the center of attention, but I always felt driven to lift others up to be the best version of themself they wanted to be. During events this comes in handy while I am walking the room, not getting in the way (unless needed for "the shot")
Newly weds first dance, in front of the wedding party
5 Fun Facts
  I love animals, so much so I have been known to binge watch animal documentaries to the point even my dogs leave the room
  I got married in Vegas by a guy named Leroy, whose son-in-law played for the Durham Bulls!  (remember that "avoiding the limelight" from above? It even applied to my wedding)
  I am the only Geek in my house. On a scale of  1 - 10, I am a 4 in public but an 8 around the right people. It is so bad I have a Harry Potter robe for that moment I get a Harry Potter themed wedding (bonus, it can also be a jedi robe, and when used with my sonic screwdriver... I can be a new doctor who)
  I love video games, If I get a change (but never in the fall season), I play minecraft with my kid, and fortnite with friends (not easy to find adults who play fortnite)
 Finally, I learned photography on film, in a dark room. If you have ever spent 30 minutes in a dark closet trying to get the camera film on the roll, than 3 days in the "dark room" trying to salvage images because there is no "preview" option you will understand frustration. Rage normally follows if you have to reshoot a whole roll. But to get 1 image that blows your mind is worth every second of pain. This is where my journey started and because it was 10 times harder, I learned 10 times as much and a strong desire to master it all.
I have a strong desire..
I have a strong desire for clean images. This desire has lead me to many educational classes on creating fine art images. I am very good in photoshop. If you are the type of person that has to have everything perfect, every hair in a place, every distraction moved, and that soft almost painterly look then you would love my Fine Art Sessions. Each image I spend a lot of time to make these images perfect for you.
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