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Mini sessions

Mini Sessions - Great photos, in a fraction of the time
Mini sessions are a great way to update seasonal family photos or to test out a new (to you) photographer. Some families with tiny toddlers love the idea of a 15 minute session to catch the tiny moments of fun and love and be done before they get distracted or uninterested.
If 15 minutes is all you need then you are at the right type of session.
Things you need to know about Mini Sessions

Minis are great for small families!
Families of 5 or fewer tend to do great at mini-session. The more people or animals involved takes more time to set everyone up and get interaction/emotion from them.  For this reason, I do not allow more than five people per session.

Pets are great for pictures, if they can behave.
I am a big pet fan. They take the best pictures and bring that "awe" factor. If you would like your furball to come, I encourage it (if they behave). If your pet can sit when you tell them to and are highly motivated by treats than consider bringing them with you. I suggest you also bring someone to care for the furbaby. Someone that can get their attention, or care for them if they are not letting you take pictures. Before bringing your pet please make sure pets are allowed at the location

Toss your expectations out the window and live in the moment
I say this with the love, do not expect everything to go perfectly, expect to live in the moment. I have had a session where mom was embarrassed, and dad was struggling, but they both brought positive energy to each moment and the pictures came out wonderful! Once little ones get grumpy it gets hard to get back on track in time. We may end up playing games, we may end up tossing pine cones back and forth, or we may even play red light/green light, no matter what I promise to do my best to keep them engaged

Fine Art style Photography

What is fine art style and why is it worth it?

Fine art is the standard in my full sessions because it sets my images apart from others. Fine Art is a lot of tiny (or big) adjustments to an image to make it perfect, and almost a fairy tale-like feel. Most advanced editing is standard in this style (leaves/distractions erased, pinpoint color correction, object removal, small physical adjustments to correct a pose, etc.)
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